Tesla Club Italy Revolution 2018 – Turin June 9-10th, 2018

Eurolink Systems’s President will Join Tesla Club Italy Revolution 2018 event!!



Eurolink Systems, since 1993 has been a pioneer in new embedded technologies and concepts for hi reliability/mission critical applications, in military, automotive, industry and research mkts, from the COTS ( Commercial Off The Shelf) solutions based on state of the art DSP’s from Analog Devices, Motorola and Texas Instruments, to latest FPGA’s solutions, Intel and Xilinx.

Since 2009 Eurolink Systems pioneered in a new innovative field, unmanned mini vehicles,

called “drones”, UAV-UAS, UGV, by achieving interesting developments and systems delivered to Armies, research labs and NATO, like Leopardo’s family of mini UGV, Cobra tethered VTOL, Eksi VTOL family, LEO BEE, swarm version of Leopardo, and the Bramor I in 3hrs/30km LOS mini UAV, Puma a throwable micro ugv and other innovative solutions soon….

As new technology pioneer , Eurolink Systems is following Tesla motors for the incredible amount of innovation already available in his family of cars.  Eurolink Systems owns a Tesla MX.

The event will be a very important milestone for understanding and sharing roadmap and experiences among users and suppliers of solutions for EV’s, to jump into the future…..today!!!


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