Nutaq ZeptoSDR – Zynq based, Agile SDR Solution
Main Features
  • - Radio logic interfaces (in the Artix-7) and calibration routines (in the ARM Cortex-A9)
  • - Development frameworks
  • - Identical external and embedded APIs
  • - CCE (Communication Control Engine) Application that interprets API calls from the host and maps them to the associated embedded API calls
  • - Linux external host drivers
  • - Real Time Data Exchange (RTDEx), which is an efficient Linux based data-streaming API between the external host and the ARM Cortex-A9
  • - Application examples

Nutaq’s ZeptoSDR is a fully packaged, agile SDR solution comprised of the Zynq-based Zedboard and the Nutaq Radio420S, which also supports GNU Radio. The ZeptoSDR is for developers who want to:

– Develop a complete software defined radio solution, targeting the UHF Band
– Utilize a powerful yet low power Zynq-based Zedboard solution
– Shorten external-to-embedded host migration time using Nutaq’s identical APIs
– Use a high performance, shielded radio to target a wide frequency range
– Accelerate their development cycle using the GNU Radio development environment
– Achieve accuracy and time savings provided by an auto-calibrated radio solution
– Utilize a robust, packaged, air-cooled portable SDR system
– Benefit from collaborative development with the Zedboard and GNU Radio communities

The ZeptoSDR features seamless integration to the GNU Radio model-based design tool, combining a graphical development environment (or Python script commands) and automatic code generation. Using GNU Radio can greatly accelerate the development of applications, shorten the development cycle and reduce project costs.

ZeptoSDR Xilinx Zynq - data sheet

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