Mercury Systems offers 2U Secure Rackmount Server
Main Features

Mercury Systems is introducing the ATX rackmount secure server for mission sensor processing, cyber security, command and control, and battle management applications that require system integrity. These rackmount secure servers are designed and made in the U.S. in secure facilities. The servers support the U.S. Department of Defense 5200.44 directive, enabling the protection of mission critical functions for trusted systems and networks.

Commercial servers with open systems architectures are currently deployed in many large defense platforms such as submarines, ships, and even widebody aircraft. These commercial servers bring affordability
and a comprehensive software ecosystem to mission computing systems where there are less strict requirements for ruggedness or for constrained size, weight, and power. Increasing security threats
combined with accelerated globalization of the server supply chain, however, call into question the continued appropriateness of using standard commercial servers for mission critical functions.
For example, in 2014, IBM sold its x86 server business to China-based Lenovo Group, prompting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to place restrictions on federal government procurement of
Lenovo blade center products, due to security and hacking concerns. And IBM is not alone; most of the other large US-based computer companies have also moved manufacturing offshore.Additional considerations come from the recent update to DoD instruction 5200.44 for the protection of mission critical functions to achieve trusted systems and networks. That update places a new emphasis on cybersecurity in addition to system integrity, and on trusted processes in addition to trusted suppliers. Together, these new requirements create a gap in what traditional commercial open architecture servers
can provide versus what is needed. Today security is a “must have” as the effectiveness
of the defense platform becomes dependent on the level of security afforded it. Secure servers must be:
• Designed In: For defense platforms to be secure against today’s advanced threats, the security must be
built-in, not bolted-on to address the seams in security implementations.
• Domestic: Domestic supply chains inherently have enforceable regulation and consequence of US law
should participants in that supply chain misbehave.
• Extensible: Agile and adaptable secure building blocks that are standardized and can be used, in a
repeatable way, by our customers who include them in their secure architectures.
• Interoperable and Integrated: The seams between often siloed processing systems and architectures
create vulnerabilities. The need for standard interplatform interfaces and security protocols are evolving quickly. These evolving interfaces are better accommodated with a built-in security approach.

Pre-Integrating Security into Deployable Servers for Mission Computing

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