DT9857 Series, high accuracy dynamic signal acquisition modules
Main Features

The DT9857 Series are high accuracy dynamic signal acquisition modules for noise, vibration, and acoustic measurements. Eight or sixteen, 24-bit, IEPE (ICP®) sensor inputs are synchronized with a tachometer input to provide data streams that are matched in time, for field or laboratory use. Two stimulus outputs, each 32-bit resolution, are available for dynamic waveform generation. This rugged, compact module connects via USB making them ideal for many measurement applications.

Simultaneous IEPE analog inputs, waveform stimulus analog outputs, tachometer synchronous with input data stream, advanced pre and post triggering, 8 DIO, synchronous Counter/Timers, and Sync Bus for up to 64 channels.
All inputs and outputs can be synched for measurement data coherence…
Supports the ability to return the value of the digital input port, tachometer,phase/measure counters, and the general-purpose counter in the analog input data stream, all synchronous with analog input data stream…providing correlation of tachometer with analog signals.
Eight (DT9857-08) or 16 (DT9857-16) Simultaneous, IEPE inputs up to 4mA at 24V compliance, all inputs are 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D converters for high resolution measurement to 105.6kHz, AC or DC coupling
Two 32-bit D/A converter output channels for stimulus or waveform generation to 216kHz
Start trigger (software or threshold) for acquiring pre-trigger samples, reference trigger for acquiring post-trigger samples
Analog threshold trigger on any of the analog input channels to program the threshold value from –10V to +10V.
Sync Bus connector for synchronizing acquisition on up to four modules

DT9857 Data sheet

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