Eurolink Systems partnered with many companies to provide his products and services.
Following you can find any companies on his partners portfolio:

Alpha Data is a leading global supplier of high performance COTS reconfigurable computer platforms and support software.

Focusing on the strategic market areas of digital signal processing (DSP), imaging systems, communications, military and aerospace and high performance computing (HPC), Alpha Data has established a global customer base and reputation for leading edge design for Data Center Products and Embedded System Products

Apra-norm offers a comprehensive range of products for 19″-technology, from desktop enclosures to computer enclosures and cabinet technology for all applications.

From Automated Manufacturing to Transportation, Atop is a leading designer and manufacturer of tomorrow’s Industrial Automation solutions for today’s Industries delivering solutions for IA’s, Power substations and smart grid, Railway and Trackside, Industrial Networking & ITS, Oil & Gas




http://www.c-astral.comThe company is a global market leader with established reputation in the specialized, fixed wing small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) manufacturing and services field, with a specific focus on high productivity, endurance, surveying and remote sensing. C-Astral’s customer base is diversified between the commercial UAS operators, larger institutional networks, scientific users as well as government entities. Currently, C-Astral systems are flying with six sovereign entities on force protection, border protection, fire control and surveillance operations on four continents and more than 100 commercial and scientific operators globally. C-Astral established a multidisciplinary software and hardware laboratory for aerodynamics and systems integration work and a prototyping CAD/CAM workshop facility for composite materials manufacturing and modeling. The founders of C-Astral have been active in aerospace since 1999 and have been pioneering UAS integrated solutions ahead of the market curve. C-Astral systems are now flying over all continents, including extreme environments such as high altitude open-pit mines, deserts, mountains, Antarctica, over the Arctic and global agricultural lands.


coloradoeng  CEI supplies COTS hardware and software, as well as tailored solutions, working directly with government agencies and for commercial prime contractors, offering quick turn, innovative solutions with lower cost and higher quality while minimizing risk. CEI leads or partners on new radar systems, software and hardware projects, including leading edge efforts in MOSA applications, reconfigurable RF, THz EM propagation modeling, and associated remote sensing system development.

Since 1993, Comtel Electronics is a leader in high performance Backplanes, Systems  & Accessories for Telcom, Networking, Cable, Cloud, Storage, Military and many other markets and applications. Comtel brings cutting edge technologies to both proprietary and standards based backplanes including ATCA, CompactPCI, MicroTCA, PXIe, VPX, CompactSerial, and with the latest high speed connectors.

Embedded Planet offers a full range of embedded system solutions to meet the needs of OEM providers in the Networking, Military, Industrial, and Medical markets. EP solutions allow Customers to focus on his value added application. Being able to source the entire integrated package from one provider simplifies the development process which allows Customer to go to market ahead of his competition. SBC’s on Freescale QorIQAltera Cyclone VFreescale PowerPCCavium Oceteon II or IIIAMCC PowerPCTI Sitara , uTCA systems, Embedded Software, ePConnect, a revolutionary  Products & Design Studio that’s provides a launching pad that covers 80% of design cost and time for typical connected device projects. epConnect leverages wireless epSensors and epGateway to get the sensor data you need for your application.

Embention develops components and critical systems like Veronte Autopilot ( DO178/DO254/DO160 ) for UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), also known as RPAS, and commonly called Drones. His work is based on the daily innovation of our products, improving permanently their capabilities and performance.

Founded in 2007 and based in Alicante (Spain), Embention started it´s activity focused in the development of an autonomously guided firefighting bomb, Flamingo. This technology has been applied to the development of equipment for unmanned aircrafts, and complete UAV / RPAS, being successfully installed in multiple projects. After winning several awards for innovation, Embention has become one of the references in the Unmanned Aircraft industry. Embention is currently involved in several collaborative projects for while continuing to work on his own developments.

Extreme Engineering Solutions is a leader in the design, manufacture, testing, and support of high-quality, cost-effective, hardware and software solutions for the embedded computing market. His product portfolio contains an array of solutions, including high-performance single board computers (SBCs)processor mezzanine modulesruggedized extended temperature systemsnetworking I/O modulesembedded routersEthernet switchesSolid-State Storage drives, and development chassis. X-ES’ commitment to high-quality products is reinforced by their top-tier customer service and support.

Extreme Engineering Solutions is an innovative leader, providing hardware, software, and support for embedded applications. From your very first contact with our experienced and professional staff, it will be clear that X-ES is a unique organization. Customer satisfaction is X-ES’s single most important corporate objective, and our commitment to total customer satisfaction, superior product quality, and exceptional service has earned X-ES  the reputation of an exceptional design and manufacturing organization.



Inertial Labs is a leader in position and orientation technologies for both commercial/industrial and aerospace/defense applications. With a worldwide distributor & representative network covering 20+ countries across 6 continents, a standard product offering that spans from Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) up to full GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), and an application breadth that covers Land, Air, and Sea; Inertial Labs covers the gambit of inertial technologies.

Certified officially to ISO 9001:2015, . Inertial Labs has provided products and services to both Civil and Defense companies such as: Raytheon, Thales, Northrop Grumman, DRS, Lockheed Martin, Hyundai, Samsung, NASA, Boeing, and much-much more.

Inertial Labs are specialists in sensor fusion technologies. Our experience ranges through the entirety of position and orientation technologies including: Inertial, Magnetic, GNSS, LiDAR, Optical, Acoustic, Ultra-wideband RF, and Celestial/Solar.

Key applications within which Inertial Labs technologies are already widely utilized include:

  • GPS-Denied Inertial Navigation Systems;
  • Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (fixed wing and multi rotor UAV);
  • Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGV);
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV);
  • Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV);
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV);
  • Radars and Antennas stabilization and pointing systems;
  • Antenna Reference Units (ARU);
  • Remote sensing (mapping, low altitude photogrammetry);
  • Automotive (ADAS, Vehicles testing);
  • Land Vehicles Navigation Systems;
  • Mortars Fire Control Systems;
  • Active Heave Compensation Systems (AHC);
  • LiDAR / MBES / SBES based survey;
  • Solar Tracking Systems;
  • Buildings, Pipes and Bridges Structure Monitoring.


Innovative Integration provides signal processing & data acquisition hardware programmable solutions to enable faster, smarter, and intelligent systems, integrating the highest levels of analog-to-digital or digital-to analog conversion with FPGA-based computing. Along with our prototype to manufacturing capability, you will not find a better solutions partner. Innovative is specialized in providing complete support of  product lifecycle, from fast early prototyping to full manufacturing support.



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Mercury Systems has built a next generation business model that  move it in a unique position within the defense industrial base and in particular within defense electronics. Today within the DoD and the industrial base that supports it, challenges have taken center stage around the need for procurement reform, the more rapid and timely adoption of open systems based architectures, and the need to be nimble and responsive in the face of continued uncertainty at home and instability abroad. Mercury Systems has adopted a next generation business model that we believe addresses these pressing issues, while at the same time leveraging our 30-year commitment to innovation.

Mercury Systems  delivers innovative solutions, rapid time-to-value and world-class service and support to our prime contractor customers. Mercury Systems has worked on over 300 programs, including Aegis, Patriot, SEWIP, Gorgon Stare and Predator/Reaper.

Mercury Systems is the first commercial company with domain capability across the whole sensor processing chain. From RF/Microwave signal processing, to analog/digital conversion, to secure computing and actionable intelligence dissemination, Mercury has for over 30-years consistently invested 15-20% of revenues developing our Ensemble® interoperable building blocks for EW/EA, SIGINT and Radar processing subassemblies. Our IRAD investment in Modular Open Systems Architectures (MOSAs) solutions significantly lowers program risk and integration costs, leading to faster times to solution and market, while delivering high technology readiness levels, interoperability, and rapid technology adoption.


Mistral Group is a team of independent companies, each operating in different markets worldwide, while collectively sharing the mission of “Bridging” operational gaps in the Defense and Law Enforcement Markets with practical, innovative and high technology readiness solutions. Mistral Group is a foremost provider of assorted law enforcement and military security products and services.
Mistral’s core area of proficiency is development & production of immediate drug and explosive detection system (including liquid/plastic explosives), explosive containment systems, forensic/investigation products, bomb-mitigating trash receptacles, wholly confined explosive systems, blast containment vessels, and much more. The company s list of customers include prominent security and defense oriented organizations and agencies throughout the globe.

Delivering advanced system solutions since 1988, Signatec (a product brand of DynamicSignals LLC) is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-speed, PC-based data acquisitionFPGA digital signal processing digitizers, continuous signal data recording and arbitrary signal generation systems. Signatec differentiates itself by being one of the only single-source suppliers that works with its customers to build affordable, real-time signal technology systems for advanced radar, SIGINT, ultrasound, imaging and other high-speed communications systems.

Products and Services

Signatec designs and manufactures state-of-the-art PC based products in four key signal technology areas:


The best VTOL on the market

Sky-Watch has since 2009 developed, manufactured and implemented high-tech solutions for real-time decision making in complex environments worldwide by including rugged VTOL drones like the Huggin X1-X1D family. Sky-Watch’s R&D competencies encompasses unmanned systems, advanced embedded control software, integrated industrial design and intuitive user interfaces.

Spectrum Signal Processing by Vecima is a leading developer of high-performance, software-reconfigurable signal processing platforms for customer applications such as software-defined radio (SDR), Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); military communications (MILCOM), satellite communications (SATCOM), Datalinks, and RADAR.

Spectrum offers a range of production-ready solutions designed to meet the increasing global demand for data storage, collection, processing, and dissemination of information.

Spectrum’s industry-leading training, support, and obsolescence management services set us apart from the competition.


Ultra Electronics – Varisys designs and manufactures embedded computer systems with particular focus on FPGA and Digital Signal Processing technologies, as well as low power ARM and PowerPC architectures. Varisys controls and carries out the complete design process from system architecture and schematic capture to producing data packs for board manufacture. Varisys tests to meet customer specifications and provides support for the life of the project.

ZMicro is a leading manufacturer of rugged deployable computing and visual solutions. Since 1986 it has been delivering reliable, high-performance MIL-Spec solutions that are custom tailored to perform at their highest capacity in harsh environments. His ruggedized products include: displays, computers, servers, handhelds, data storage, video enhancement, video management resources, and much more; 








COTS market requires several extra functions from time by time needed for the specific application.

Eurolink Systems is able to deliver solutions acting as an integrator in embedded and robotic areas, by using product from other Suppliers on the market, see our reference page 


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