Military-Grade Microelectronics Packaging for the 21st Century by Mercury Systems

Technology innovations for high-volume, consumer applications continue
to evolve at an accelerating pace. While these innovations deliver
extraordinary performance at incredibly low price points for end users,
the enabling technologies must be carefully scrutinized for applicability
in military application scenarios. Advances in packaging technologies
for consumer-grade devices are no exception. While the most sophisticated
packaging technologies for the consumer market – through silicon
via interconnects and three-dimensional die stacking – deliver on
their performance and space savings promises, this new technology is
not a plug-and-play option for the defense community. We present our
argument that the field of military microelectronics packaging is long
overdue for innovation. As such, we discuss our proposal for a new microelectronics
packaging platform addressing the practical needs of the
defense market for the 21st century without sacrificing the highest levels
of reliability demanded by the military community.

Mercury Whitepaper – Military-Grade Microelectronics Packaging for the 21st Century Built Secure SiP


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