Precision-engineered for SWaP-constrained embedded systems deployed in harsh, insecure environments .

ANDOVER, Mass., May 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mercury Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MRCY) ( announced the beginning of customer engagements for its new TRRUST-Stor® secure solid state drive (SSD) optimized for embedded computing applications in forward-deployed defense environments. Available in host-accessible capacities up to 256 GB, the new device features triple-level cell (TLC) NAND flash memory operating in single-level cell (SLC) mode combined with advanced BuiltSECURE™ algorithms in a ruggedized, ultra-compact 22mm x 32mm ball-grid array (BGA) package. The device’s ARMOR™ 6 processor seamlessly integrates certified cryptographic algorithms, encryption key purge, device sanitization and non-thermal self-destruct capabilities into a single device. This low-profile SSD device is ideal for applications requiring on-board high-speed, secure storage in SWaP-constrained environments such as aircraft, unmanned systems and mobile ground applications including secure laptops and tablets.

The increase in critical sensor data collected by modern defense computing systems burdens embedded board design engineers to integrate on-board data storage solutions for maximum space savings without sacrificing storage capacity, performance, speed or security. A multifaceted approach to the implementation of security is required to address all possible operating scenarios. State-of-the-art encryption technologies free of key bypass mechanisms must be paired with advanced key management techniques and device sanitization protocols. Successfully achieving this objective ensures that access to high-value data is restricted only to those individuals with proper authorization.

While TLC flash technology is ideal for high-capacity data storage in a smaller footprint than multi-level cell (MLC) and SLC technologies, its reliability and performance in military operating environments has been disputed until today. Mercury has eliminated these threats by custom-engineering a new variant of its ARMOR processor specifically for this new commercial memory technology enabling it to operate in SLC mode for high reliability and long-term endurance while sustaining high-speed read/write operations. Additionally, Mercury has successfully embedded a suite of customizable self-destruct protocols that are initiated and executed without the use chemical reactions or heat. These protocols safely render the device inoperable in the event of device capture and reverse-engineering attempts by adversaries.

“Our new ultra-compact SSD device blends the most advanced commercial flash memory technology, our core expertise in advanced packaging and our new BuiltSECURE algorithms to deliver assured data integrity in harsh operating environments,” said Iain Mackie, Vice President and General Manager of Mercury’s Microelectronics Secure Solutions group. “It is our duty to deliver the best commercial technologies to the defense community without compromising security, performance or data integrity. We are proud to leverage Mercury’s next-generation business model to commercialize this innovation for our military forces around the world.”

Mercury’s ARMOR processor and its entire portfolio of secure storage solutions are designed and manufactured in a Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA)-accredited facility for design, packaging, test and broker services. The company’s unwavering commitment to security extends far beyond product design and manufacturing, into the cadence of its daily operations. Several of Mercury’s facilities have been recognized for excellence by receiving a Superior rating from the Defense Security Service (DSS).

Mercury’s application engineering team is ready to assist customers with the integration of the new TRRUST-Stor SSD into their complex embedded computing environments. For application assistance, additional product information or purchase inquiries, customers can visit or contact Eurolink Systems @

Technology innovations for high-volume, consumer applications continue
to evolve at an accelerating pace. While these innovations deliver
extraordinary performance at incredibly low price points for end users,
the enabling technologies must be carefully scrutinized for applicability
in military application scenarios. Advances in packaging technologies
for consumer-grade devices are no exception. While the most sophisticated
packaging technologies for the consumer market – through silicon
via interconnects and three-dimensional die stacking – deliver on
their performance and space savings promises, this new technology is
not a plug-and-play option for the defense community. We present our
argument that the field of military microelectronics packaging is long
overdue for innovation. As such, we discuss our proposal for a new microelectronics
packaging platform addressing the practical needs of the
defense market for the 21st century without sacrificing the highest levels
of reliability demanded by the military community.

Mercury Whitepaper – Military-Grade Microelectronics Packaging for the 21st Century Built Secure SiP

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