C-Astral Aerospace
C-ASTRAL is a young multidisciplinary R&D company based in Ajdovscina, Slovenia. The company is built around the fields of expertise and practical experience in aerospace, unmanned systems, renewable energy systems, extreme environment autonomous habitats and communications, with projects being developed and tested in the field in the Arctic and Antarctica among others. C-ASTRAL is also involved in the operations and exploitation definition for a future small satellite based remote sensing satellite architecture. Currently, the company operates a software and hardware laboratory for aerodynamics and systems integration work and a prototyping CAD/CAM workshop facility for composite and metal materials work, modeling and systems integration. The founders of C-ASTRAL have been active in renewable energy systems integration and habitats work since 1994 and in aerospace since 1999 and are responsible for the first Slovenian Unmanned Aircraft System test flight in 2005 with the Spectral System platform. C-ASTRAL also lead an R&D industry and academia consortium, that worked on the development and definition of a “hybrid propulsion
Cyber Technology
Cyber Technology, the Australian-based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) designer and manufacturer focused on providing quality international UAV solutions. Established in February 2006 and proudly West Australian, Cyber Technology is an industry leader and innovator in the UAV field. As a Small-Medium Enterprise, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly customer enquiries and your need for UAV solutions that satisfy new and unique requirements. Committed to our work, we have provided UAV solutions for search and rescue operations, military support, high-end surveillance, law enforcement, environmental conservation, agricultural operations, oil & gas structural inspection operations, and cinematography/photography applications. Using cutting edge surveillance and materials technology, our broad portfolio of customizable fixed-wing and rotary UAV platforms can be implemented with variety of specialised payloads. Our current UAV suite includes: CyberQuad UAV - The ultimate rapid response hovering urban aerial vehicle
Ermes Technologies is a European Company focused on Research & Development of Innovative mini, micro e nano robots for single or swarm/autonomous operations in Unmanned Ground, Sea and Air markets for Industrial, Research, Professional and military/government applications. Founded in 2005, since 2010 Ermes Technologies is completely owned by EUROLINK SYSTEMS. More info on
Prioria Robotics is a developer of small unmanned aerial vehicle systems and related technologies, most notably the Maveric, a breakthrough composite carbon fiber UAV. We continue to innovate through the development of new products and the underlying embedded technologies that power them, and we seek to drive forward a vision that a smarter system is more useful, more efficient, and most importantly, makes our customers’ lives easier. We are proud to deliver high-tech products and services to civilian and commercial markets and to our nation’s military. More info


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